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Herbology in South Portland, ME

Classical Chinese Medicine

Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) remains firmly rooted in both the past and present of Chinese Medicine. The history of Chinese Medicine comes from the few remaining texts that have survived through history. Xiang Medicine or Picture Image Medicine is a prehistory understanding of body and its medical model. The image of the disharmony gives us a potential healing image that we can use as treatment and remedy for the image of disharmony.

It is a science that was discovered through observation and understanding the natural world around us. This included, but was not limited to, the larger flows of nature, incorporating weather patterns, planetary patterns and natural occurrences as well as more minute flows of energy such as the circulatory system, and the cellular energy used to continue our bodies basic (and complex) functions. Many of these ideas were preserved in written form as a series of works, which are now commonly known as the classics, which include, but are not limited to, the I Ching, Tao Te Ching, Su Wen, and Ling Shu.
Chinese Medicine - Chinese medicine South Portland in South Portland, ME

Pediatric and Family Medicine

Our goal here is to treat the entire family. Chinese medicine is a lifestyle and when a whole family participates and has the same perspective on health and wellness, it makes the healing path and potential more congruent.

Since children are so much more pliable and closer to the source of energy, their bodies usually respond really well to the medicine. We are aware that needles are often a source of insecurity in children, so we have many other approaches to treating them.

Our favorite approaches to treating children are with lasers, herbs and essential oils as well as guided meditation and qi cultivation exercises. Needles are only used if a child is comfortable and old enough to relax quietly.

Chinese medicine is a complete healing system, allowing us to diagnose and treat any variety of health issues, new or old. It allows a person to be in control of their own healing path, learning to recognize signs that occur in the body before they becomes sick. In Chinese medicine there is always potential for the body to heal and be well.
Placenta Encapsulation:

The placenta is a completely natural substance, created by a woman for and of her own body. Preparation and consumption of a woman's own placenta in the time after birth can be a valuable tool for postpartum recovery.

Placenta preparation has been shown to:

• increase production of breast milk
• prevent 'baby blues' and post natal depression
• increase energy, decrease fatigue
• improved recovery time with a variety of postpartum issues
• prevent iron deficiency
• prevent sleep dysfunction

Prior to delivery, we will arrange a plan to receive your placenta. We are able to travel to surrounding hospitals, or a family member can drop it off to us at our office or prearranged location. It will take approximately 2-3 days to process. Once this is done we will either hand deliver or priority mail it to you. The total cost is $225.00.

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